At least until the Expos arrive for batting practice

And what a draw that would be for the players.“But then Smith began throwing water on his own idea by reiterating that Stern has rejected the idea of putting an NBA franchise here because of the gambling component. And never mind that the Heat’s current owners say the team isn’t for sale.In closing, Smith said that while he believes Las Vegas will one day be home to a pro sports franchise and that the NBA traditionally ranks ahead of other leagues in maverick thinking, that day is „probably some time away.“So if you were thinking about trading in tickets to tonight’s NBA summer league games at Cox Pavilion for Las Vegas Heat seats in the nosebleed section of Steve Wynn Arena, I’d hold off.At least until the Expos arrive for batting practice.Around the hornI see where Reno City Councilman Pierre Hascheff said he won’t mind paying a new $6,000 surcharge on his four courtside seats at Lawlor Events Center for Nevada Reno basketball games. City councilmen never mind surcharges.

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